Welcome to Hairworks. We are based in Barrow in Furness and are the only local independent hair accessory and extension company. Our local store is a popular choice and our online store will show off our full product range.

A huge choice of popular brands and colours available. No matter what your hair colour we have something to match. All length’s have a wide range of colours available so there is a style and length to suit each individual.

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The Hairworks has many different types of hair available in store and online. We are certain that one of our styles or hair types will suit you.

There is a huge amount of colour choice availble. Although not every colour is available in every length; but across each range there are many lengths to choose from and hundreds of colours.

Our Prices

Our pricing structure is pretty simple. Each set of hair has a base price and then depending on desired length and colour the price changes.

All online prices are competitive and we do our best to match prices.

Our Location

Situated in a very popular place on Dalton Road, Barrow in Furness we are easy to visit and easy enjoy.

There is a plenty of parking available for you to drop by so make sure you come by and check us out.

The Hairworks

The Hairworks is Barrow in Furness's only choice when it comes to choosing your hair extensions. We have the largest range of sizes and colour's going. Browse our online store or come on down and take a look.

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